Creative Barbie SVG Party Decoration Ideas for a DIY Celebration

Creative Barbie SVG Party Decoration Ideas for a DIY Celebration

Creative Barbie SVG Party Decoration Ideas for a DIY Celebration


Get ready for an unforgettable Barbie party! I’m excited to share some fabulous Barbie party ideas that I recently curated for my daughter’s 6th birthday bash. Take a peek at her previous birthday themes here for some inspiration. With the release of the latest Barbie movie, Barbie fever is spreading fast, and I’m thrilled to be part of the fun! If you stumbled upon this post, chances are you’re eager to plan an incredible Barbie-themed celebration too!

Attention to detail truly makes a difference when organizing a themed birthday celebration! That’s why I’m excited to offer some adorable and simple Barbie decorations to enhance your Barbie party and make it truly memorable. Whether you’re hosting a Barbie birthday party, a Barbie bridal shower, or simply a Barbie-themed night, these ideas are sure to bring that extra touch of magic!


Let’s start by crafting these delightful Barbie-themed goodie bags for your young party guests! Using colored gift bags from the Dollar Tree, we’ll transform them into adorable Barbie boxes. Check out the complete tutorial along with free Bestie labels below.

Next up, no Barbie party would be truly complete without a stunning cake topper! I’ll guide you through personalizing it using Cricut Design Space to suit your Barbie-themed celebration perfectly. Plus, I’ve included a free Barbie cake topper SVG in the download for you to use!

Finally, the Barbie box prop was a huge hit among our party guests! It added an exciting interactive element that everyone loved. Discover how I crafted this easy-to-fold Barbie box with my step-by-step tutorial below. Feel free to adapt my concept to create a Barbie box of any size that suits your needs.


Wearing hot pink is an absolute must for a Barbie party! Since my daughter’s celebration was also a pool party, I decided that matching hot pink swimsuits paired with silver metallic shorts would be perfect for us. Check out the list of Barbie party gear I ordered from Amazon below!

  • Hot Pink Swimsuit (women’s/girl’s)
  • Silver Metallic Shorts (women’s/girl’s)
  • Heart Pink Glasses
  • Kids Sunglasses
  • Bead Necklaces
  • Daisy Dress girls
  • Daisy Headband


  • Cricut machine
  • Small Pink Gift bags
  • Clear Treat bags
  • Blade and Ruler
  • Small piece of cardboard (for protection)
  • Wooden Box or a 3×5 inch template (to trace)
  • Pink Highlighter
  • Bestie label and Thank You label (free in download)\
  • Candy and treats

To begin, download the free SVG files provided below and import them into Cricut Design Space. If you prefer to cut them with vinyl and customize the background colors, utilize the SVG file. Alternatively, you can directly upload the PNG file for a simple print-then-cut option. Since my gift bag from the Dollar Tree measures 5.5×8.5 inches, I adjusted the width of my Bestie label to 4 inches and the Thank You label to 2 inches. For those using the SVG file, remember to flatten the layers before sending it to the mat for printing and cutting with your Cricut machine.

Now, take your pink gift bag and position it with the folded side facing down. Using the 3×5 template, trace it onto the front bottom center of the bag. Ensure that the top of the template aligns with the handles where they are attached inside the bag. Remember to cut out the window under the string ends to avoid cutting through them. Insert the cardboard protector inside the bag, positioned right behind the front side. Utilize a ruler and blade to score along the traced lines, being cautious not to cut too deeply and risk slicing through the bag entirely.

Apply craft glue to the bottom area around the window, then affix the Bestie label at an angle, spanning across. Following that, apply a small amount of glue to the top left-hand side for the thank-you label.

Then, grab the clear treat bags and fill them with your chosen candy and treats before placing them inside the pink gift bag. Make as many as required for your Barbie party! For more detailed instructions, be sure to watch my video tutorial below.

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